Survey Description:
Survey Title:Bathurst MEGATEM: block 1
GSC Open File Number:5887  5888  5889  5890  5891  5892 
Survey Type:Total Field Magnetic
Time Domain EM
B-Field EM
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Project Number:346
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Part Number:1
Survey Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2004-02-02
Survey End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2004-03-04
Data Acquisition:Digitally acquired
Platform:Fixed-wing aircraft
Survey Boundary:(47.43309,-66.59270)
Internal unsurveyed area: 
Flight Path Recording:Video
Survey Altitude Model:Mean terrain clearance (height above ground)
Flying Height (m):120.0
Traverse: Line Azimuth (degrees):59
Traverse: Line Spacing (m):200
Traverse: Total Kilometres:4305.0
Control: Line Azimuth:n/a
Control: Line Spacing (m):n/a
Control: Total Kilometres:n/a
Diurnal Monitoring: Time Chord Length (sec):n/a
Diurnal Monitoring: Max. Deviation (nT):n/a
Magnetics: Sensor Make:Scintrex
Magnetics: Sensor Model:CS-2
Magnetics: Sensitivity (nT):0.0100
Magnetics: Resolution (nT):n/a
Magnetics: System:CESIUM
Magnetics: Hardware Config:single cell cesium vapour, nominal sensor height ~73 m
Vertical Gradiometer: Sensor Separation:n/a
Electromagnetics: Sensor Make:MEGATEM
Electromagnetics: Sensor Model:II
Electromagnetics: Hardware Config:20 channel multicoil system, 90 Hz frequency
VLF: Line Station:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Make:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Model:n/a
Spectrometry: Recording Frequency (Hz):n/a
Spectrometry: Main Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Upward Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Height (m):n/a
Navigation Systems: Sensor:Global Positioning System

Channel Descriptions:
Name:Units:Null Value:Description:
LINE-99999999.0Line number
TIMEsec500000.0Time (sometimes fiducial counter)
RALTRAWm50000.0Raw Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
RALTm50000.0Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
BALTRAWm50000.0Raw Barometric altitude
BALTm50000.0Barometric altitude
GPSALTRm50000.0Raw GPS altitude
GPSALTm50000.0GPS altitude (edited) above MSL (mean sea level) (i.e. orthometric)
DEMLEVm50000.0Levelled Digital Elevation Model / Topography (raw + corrections)
MAGRAWnT500000.0Raw magnetic total field (compensated, lagged, edited)
DIURNALnT500000.0Edited Diurnal / ground magnetics (main base)
MAGDIURnT500000.0Diurnal corrected magnetic total field
IGRFnT500000.0IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field)
MAGRESnT500000.0Residual magnetic field
MAGMLCORnT500000.0Micro-levelling/decorrugation corrections/adjustment
SRVMGRESnT500000.0Residual magnetic field, levelled to survey
VGRAWnT/m50000.0Raw vertical gradient (edited)
PRIMARYuV50000.0Primary field intensity (EM Total Field)
POWERLNEuV50000.0Power line monitor (EM noise monitor)
TEM_20_RXpT/s0.0Raw X-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20), also called dB/dt X-coil
TEM_20_RYpT/s0.0Raw Y-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_RZpT/s0.0Raw Z-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_IXpT/s0.0Intermediate X-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_IYpT/s0.0Intermediate Y-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_IZpT/s0.0Intermediate Z-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_LXpT/s0.0Levelled X-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_LYpT/s0.0Levelled Y-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
TEM_20_LZpT/s0.0Levelled Z-coil Time domain EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_RXfT0.0Raw X-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20), also called db/dt X-coil
BEM_20_RYfT0.0Raw Y-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_RZfT0.0Raw Z-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_IXfT0.0Intermediate X-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_IYfT0.0Intermediate Y-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_IZfT0.0Intermediate Z-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_LXfT0.0Levelled X-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_LYfT0.0Levelled Y-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
BEM_20_LZfT0.0Levelled Z-coil B-field EM (channels 01-20)
CONDUCTmS50000.0(Apparent) Conductance, S = Siemens = mhos
TEE_XZpT/s0.0Total Energy Envelope from dB/dt X and Z-components
TAU_Xusec50000.0Decay constant (tau) for X-component
TAU_BZusec0.0Decay constant (tau) for B-field Z-component
FLIGHT-500000.0Flight number
DATEyyyymmdd50000000.0Date of flight line
LINETYPE-99999999.0Line type. L=Traverse, T=Tie, B=Background line.
LINENAME-99999999.0Line name. An alpha-numeric string, or LINETYPE + LINE.