Survey Description:
Survey Title:Manitoba (Flin Flon): Area 200 Hargrave River
GSC Open File Number: 21373G  21374G  21375G  21376G  21377G  21378G  21379G  21380G  21381G  41373G  41374G  41375G  41376G  41377G  41378G  41379G  41380G  41381G  C21389G  C21390G  C21391G  C21392G  C41389G  C41390G  C41391G  C41392G 
Survey Type:Total Field Magnetic
Vertical Gradient of TF
Very Low Frequency
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Project Number:181
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Part Number:2
Survey Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD):1986-09-25
Survey End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):1986-10-20
Data Acquisition:Digitally acquired
Platform:Fixed-wing aircraft
Survey Boundary:(54.37500,-99.50000)
Internal unsurveyed area: 
Flight Path Recording:Film
Survey Altitude Model:Mean terrain clearance (height above ground)
Flying Height (m):150.0
Traverse: Line Azimuth (degrees): 90
Traverse: Line Spacing (m):300
Traverse: Total Kilometres:7749.0
Control: Line Azimuth: 0
Control: Line Spacing (m):5000
Control: Total Kilometres:451.0
Diurnal Monitoring: Time Chord Length (sec):n/a
Diurnal Monitoring: Max. Deviation (nT):n/a
Magnetics: Sensor Model:OPTICALLY PUMPED
Magnetics: Sensitivity (nT):0.0010
Magnetics: Resolution (nT):0.0100
Magnetics: System:CESIUM
Magnetics: Hardware Config:n/a
Vertical Gradiometer: Sensor Separation:1.83
Electromagnetics: Sensor Make:n/a
Electromagnetics: Sensor Model:n/a
Electromagnetics: Hardware Config:n/a
VLF: Line Station:NAA
Spectrometry: Sensor Make:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Model:n/a
Spectrometry: Recording Frequency (Hz):n/a
Spectrometry: Main Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Upward Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Height (m):n/a
Navigation Systems: Sensor:Visual

Channel Descriptions:
Name:Units:Null Value:Description:
TIMEsec500000.0Time (sometimes fiducial counter)
MAGLEVnT500000.0Residual mag, levelled with surrounding surveys
SRVMGLEVnT500000.0Magnetic Total field, levelled to survey
MAGRAWnT500000.0Raw magnetic total field (compensated, lagged, edited)
IGRFnT500000.0IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field)
DIURNALnT500000.0Edited Diurnal / ground magnetics (main base)
VGLEVnT/m50000.0Levelled vertical gradient
VGADJnT/m50000.0Adjustment to vertical gradient
RALTm50000.0Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
BALTm50000.0Barometric altitude
VLF_LTFmV50000.0VLF-EM line total field
VLF_OTFmV50000.0VLF-EM ortho total field
VLF_LQmV50000.0VLF-EM line quadrature
VLF_OQmV50000.0VLF-EM ortho quadrature