Survey Description:
Survey Title:Saint John 1987
GSC Open File Number:2220  21479G  21480G  21481G  21482G  21483G  21484G  21485G  21486G  21487G  21488G  21489G  21490G  21491G  21492G  21493G  41479G  41480G  41481G  41482G  41483G  41484G  41485G  41486G  41487G  41488G  41489G  41490G  41491G  41492G  41493G  C21494G  C21495G  C21496G  C21497G  C21498G  C41494G  C41495G  C41496G  C41497G  C41498G 
Survey Type:Total Field Magnetic
Vertical Gradient of TF
Very Low Frequency
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Project Number:193
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Part Number:n/a
Survey Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD):1987-10-07
Survey End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):1987-11-13
Data Acquisition:Digitally acquired
Platform:Fixed-wing aircraft
Survey Boundary:(45.50000,-66.50000)
Internal unsurveyed area: 
Flight Path Recording:Film
Survey Altitude Model:Mean terrain clearance (height above ground)
Flying Height (m):150.0
Traverse: Line Azimuth (degrees): 135
Traverse: Line Spacing (m):300
Traverse: Total Kilometres:12574.0
Control: Line Azimuth: 45
Control: Line Spacing (m):5000
Control: Total Kilometres:950.0
Diurnal Monitoring: Time Chord Length (sec):n/a
Diurnal Monitoring: Max. Deviation (nT):n/a
Magnetics: Sensor Make:SCINTREX
Magnetics: Sensor Model:OPTICALLY PUMPED
Magnetics: Sensitivity (nT):0.0010
Magnetics: Resolution (nT):0.0100
Magnetics: System:CESIUM
Magnetics: Hardware Config:VIM2321A1,A2
Vertical Gradiometer: Sensor Separation:1.83
Electromagnetics: Sensor Make:HERZ TOTEM 2A
Electromagnetics: Sensor Model:n/a
Electromagnetics: Hardware Config:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Make:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Model:n/a
Spectrometry: Recording Frequency (Hz):n/a
Spectrometry: Main Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Upward Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Height (m):n/a
Navigation Systems: Sensor:Doppler

Channel Descriptions:
Name:Units:Null Value:Description:
TIMEsec500000.0Time (sometimes fiducial counter)
MAGRAWnT500000.0Raw magnetic total field (compensated, lagged, edited)
SRVMGLEVnT500000.0Magnetic Total field, levelled to survey
MAGLEVnT500000.0Residual mag, levelled with surrounding surveys
IGRFnT500000.0IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field)
MAGRESnT500000.0Residual magnetic field
DIURNALnT500000.0Edited Diurnal / ground magnetics (main base)
VGLEVnT/m50000.0Levelled vertical gradient
VGADJnT/m50000.0Adjustment to vertical gradient
RALTft50000.0Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
BALTft50000.0Barometric altitude
VLF_LTFmV50000.0VLF-EM line total field
VLF_OTFmV50000.0VLF-EM ortho total field
VLF_LQmV50000.0VLF-EM line quadrature
VLF_OQmV50000.0VLF-EM ortho quadrature