Survey Description:
Survey Title:Schefferville
Province/Territory:QC NL
GSC Open File Number:6136  6137  6138  6139  6140  6141  6142  6143  6144  6145 
Survey Type:Total Field Magnetic
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Project Number:361
Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base Part Number:n/a
Survey Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2009-02-01
Survey End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2009-03-20
Data Acquisition:Digitally acquired
Platform:Fixed-wing aircraft
Survey Boundary:(54.25000,-65.50000)
Internal unsurveyed area: 
Flight Path Recording:Video
Survey Altitude Model:Drape surface (nominal height above ground)
Flying Height (m):90.0
Traverse: Line Azimuth (degrees):90
Traverse: Line Spacing (m):200
Traverse: Total Kilometres:46556.0
Control: Line Azimuth:0
Control: Line Spacing (m):1500
Control: Total Kilometres:6419.0
Diurnal Monitoring: Time Chord Length (sec):60.0
Diurnal Monitoring: Max. Deviation (nT):3.0
Magnetics: Sensor Make:Geometrics
Magnetics: Sensor Model:G822
Magnetics: Sensitivity (nT):0.0050
Magnetics: Resolution (nT):0.0100
Magnetics: System:CESIUM
Magnetics: Hardware Config:Optically pumped cesium vapour
Vertical Gradiometer: Sensor Separation:n/a
Electromagnetics: Sensor Make:n/a
Electromagnetics: Sensor Model:n/a
Electromagnetics: Hardware Config:n/a
VLF: Line Station:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Make:n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Model:n/a
Spectrometry: Recording Frequency (Hz):n/a
Spectrometry: Main Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Upward Detector Volume (l):n/a
Spectrometry: Sensor Height (m):n/a
Navigation Systems: Sensor:Global Positioning System

Channel Descriptions:
Name:Units:Null Value:Description:
LINE-99999999.0Line number
TIMEsec500000.0Time (sometimes fiducial counter)
FIDCOUNTsec500000.0Fiducial counter
SURFACEm50000.0Drape surface
GPSALTRLm50000.0Raw GPS altitude, ReaL-time (above ellipsoid)
GPSALTm50000.0GPS altitude (edited) above MSL (mean sea level) (i.e. orthometric)
RALTRAWm50000.0Raw Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
RALTm50000.0Radar altitude (Terrain Clearance)
BALTm50000.0Barometric altitude
DEMRAWm50000.0Raw Digital Elevation Model / Topography (BALT or GPSALT - RALT)
DEMTLCORm50000.0Digital Elevation Model tie line levelling corrections
DEMLEVm50000.0Levelled Digital Elevation Model / Topography (raw + corrections)
MAGUNCOMnT500000.0Raw Uncompensated, unlagged magnetic total field
MAGCOMnT500000.0Raw Compensated, unlagged, un-edited magnetic total field
MAGRAWnT500000.0Raw magnetic total field (compensated, lagged, edited)
DIURNRAWnT500000.0Raw Diurnal / ground magnetics base station 1
DIUR2RAWnT500000.0Raw Diurnal / ground magnetics base station 2
DIURNALnT500000.0Edited Diurnal / ground magnetics (main base)
DIURNCORnT500000.0Diurnal correction (combined ground mag) -- input into levelling
MAGTLCORnT500000.0Tie-line levelling corrections to mag
SRVMGLEVnT500000.0Magnetic Total field, levelled to survey
IGRFnT500000.0IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field)
SRVMGRESnT500000.0Residual magnetic field, levelled to survey
DATEyyyymmdd50000000.0Date of flight line
FLIGHT-500000.0Flight number
LINETYPE-99999999.0Line type. L=Traverse, T=Tie, B=Background line.
LINENAME-99999999.0Line name. An alpha-numeric string, or LINETYPE + LINE.